We offer 2 styles of hay feeders. Look below to learn more.

Call 931 230-3317 to order.

NOTE: Feeders are for pickup only unless ordered in combination with one of our buildings. Delivery also available for orders of 3 or more but delivery charges of $2 per mile after first 30 miles will apply.


Style #1

Flip top hay feeders come in 4′ and 8′ lengths. You can select either cattle paneling or hog paneling for the hay bunk. Cattle paneling is good for horses and hog paneling works best for goats and sheep.

Price for 4 foot long models is $220.

Price for 8 foot long model is $346.

Call 931 230-3317 to order.

Style #2

Our premium 6′ foot by 10′ round bale feeder for horse.

Price $2450.

Call 931 230-3317 to order.

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