Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take?

Once a shed is complete (1-2 weeks) it can take another 1-2 weeks for the delivery driver to schedule the delivery. This time period can be longer in extended periods or poor weather.

Why do I need to pay sales tax?

The state of Tennessee requires all legal businesses selling products to collect sales tax. Farm exemptions are allowable for portable structures since they are not “in the ground”. You must provide us with a photo of your exemption and it must be in the name of the buyer, otherwise you must pay sales tax.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is $2 per mile after the first 30 miles from Coble, TN. Delivery times are very dependent on the size of the building you order (10′ wide and above take longer) and on weather and ground conditions. You are 100% responsible for ensuring that the location you want to put the building is accessible to the delivery driver and that the path to that location is clear of trees, wires, and other obstacles.

Do you offer discounts on multiple buildings?

Most of our prices are already at rock bottom. Inventory is also discounted steeply. Discounts may be available depending on the number and style you order. If you order multiple structures and get a discount the discount for all buildings will be given to you on delivery of the last one. For example, if you are getting a total discount of $600 on three structures, you will pay full price for the first two and receive $600 off on the final structure. This assumes you are paying as each structure is delivered. You can optionally pay in advance for all three. 

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