Tell me about the construction process?

All of the wood we use is pressure treated with the exception of the 4' high plywood liner which is plain 3/4" CDX plywood.

Runners are pressure treated 6x6. Cross members are either 4x4 for smaller sheds or 4x6 for larger sheds. Joints are secured using bracing, notching, structural screws, and lags. This creates a very strong and stiff joint.

Wall studs are 2' on center for rear walls and 2' on center for side walls on 10'-12' wide sheds. A single center stud is used on 8' wide sheds.

All sheds include a 4' high plywood liner.

Rafters and trusses for 8' wide sheds are pressure treated 2x4. Purlins are also pressure treated 2x4.

Rafters for 10'-12' wide sheds are 2' on placed 2' on center using pressure treated 2x6. Trusses are made from pressure treated 2x4 and placed 3' on center.

In short our sheds are durable and built to last. The broad use of pressure treated lumber reduces damage from moisture 💧 (which is inevitable) and also wood bees 🐝 (prevalent in our parts).