Do you deliver out of state?


We occasionally deliver to areas in Kentucky and Alabama. Before I can answer I need.

  • Delivery address 📬.
  • Size of building you want to order 📐.

Things to keep in mind.

  • The larger the building the less likely I or the drivers I hire will to go that far 🎲.
  • The best route may not be the shortest 🧭.
  • I deliver 8 foot wide buildings up to 18 feet but honestly 8'x15' is about as large as I want to haul that distance. At 8x15 I also have room to include an overhang if you want.
  • Cash payment will be required or payment in advance. You can pay a large deposit in advance and smaller amount in cash on delivery if you prefer 💲.
  • You won't have to pay sales tax since you are taking delivery of the shed out of state 😍.
  • If the building is 10 or 12 wide I will have to ask the drivers if they are willing to deliver. Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't. 🤷‍♂️
  • We may not be willing to deliver certain models of 12' wide that far. I will let you know when you order. Some models have a 2' overhang so that technically makes the building 14' wide which carries different rules than hauling 12' wides. I can clarify the issues more here when you are ready to order and it will be easier to discuss over the phone 📱.

If all else fails...

  • You can arrange your own delivery with a delivery driver in your area. They need to be experienced and we have no liability once the building leaves our driveway. We will do our best to facilitate loading. We will want to talk to the driver beforehand. We may be able to work with you on the price depending on the building you order 🚚.